And the Winner will be …

In 2007 the Project ALEA of Statistics Portugal won the ISI  Award in Statistical Literacy.

‘This award is given every two years in recognition of outstanding, innovative, and influential statistical literacy projects that affect a broad segment of the general public and are fruit of the cooperation of different types of institutions (national statistical office and schools, schools and statistical societies, statistical societies and statistical offices, statistical societies, college, schools, etc. ).’

Now the International Statistical Literacy Project of the International Association for Statistics Education (ISLP/IASE), a section of ISI, announces the
Call for Nominations for the 2009 Award.

More details can be found on the webpage of the International Statistical Literacy Project ISLP .

The ISLP is a project of the International Statistical Institute. Its ‘objective is to contribute to statistical literacy across the world, among young and adults in all walks of life.

The ISLP provides a homepage with one of the biggest repositories of all aspects of  Statistical Literacy.

ISLP Homepage
ISLP Homepage

It’s definitely worth a visit ! 

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