A challenge from Visual I|O to Trendalyzer and Google Motion Chart?

Read this interesting comment giving perspectives of visualization software development and the Google aquirement of Gapminder´s Trendalyzer. Published in Xconomy, by Wade Roush, Chief Correspondent for Xconomy, and partly quoted below:

——“Google hasn’t done much with the software, beyond making a Trendalyzer-like gadget called “MotionChart” available as part of Google Spreadsheets.

Meanwhile here’s a company in Newton, MA, that has spent the better part of this decade quietly applying many of the same design principles behind Trendalyzer to business problems—and selling its software, to boot. It’s called Visual I|O, and I spent some time recently learning about the company’s remarkably beautiful Web-based business analytics software, called DecisionIris, from company co-founder, president, and CEO Angela Shen-Hsieh.”

Anyone having experiences from its functionality? I get reminded about Gotrends, used for urban planning in the Gothenburg City area – demonstrated at the OECD-Statistics Sweden seminar recently. See documentation in some posts below this one.

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