3 thoughts on “Dissemination, knowledge and innovation

  1. It was a full package of interesting themes and a very good occasion to meet people to share problems and … solutions. I enjoyed it. Thanks to the organizers (Jessica Gardner, Jury Riecan (surely misspelled, you know who I mean) and Heiner Brüngger and …)

  2. International Seminar on Innovative Approaches to Turning Statistics into Knowledge (Oct 26-27, 2008).
    Being a first time contributor to Mr Grossenbacher’s Stats Blog I’d like to thank him on an interesting and thought provoking blog.
    The seminar was a packed affair with around 25 presentations being delivered over 2 days. Presentations covered story telling software and related experiences. The seminar was well run and controlled by Lars Thygesen from the OECD Statistics Directorate. I thoroughly enjoyed it! I found the end session the most interesting.
    This session focussed on how National Statistical Organisations (NSO’s) service the needs of ‘Prosumers’ (people who package statistics to tell a particular story). Hans Rosling from Gapminder was particularly vocal on the difficulties story tellers have in acquiring data from NSO’s.
    It was generally felt that it is the role of NSO’s to disseminate and communicate statistics but not to provide narrative or commentary or infer any conclusions from the data – this is the role of the story teller. Most of the visualisation software demonstrated presented a limited set of variables which naturally introduced bias into the story teller’s presentation.
    A challenge for NSO’s and other data providers was to cater for the various user types from the general public (Data Tourists) through to Prosumers wishing to access microdata and load it into story telling software. Servicing the needs of Prosumers does not appear to be well catered for in existing NSO websites.
    For those interested, more detailed conference notes are available by contacting me (john.ellenberger@str.com.au)

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