Il valore dei dati

ISTAT, the National Institute of Statistics of Italy, offers a special site promoting the understanding and usage of official statistics:


It is made (not only) for students. Taking a look at the sitemap shows the overall conception:

  • The usage of statistics in decision making (Chapter 1)
  • The fundamentals of producing statistics (Chapter 2)
  • Quality: What statistics can we trust? (Chapter 3)
  • Working with statistics: how to find data, how to present these data (tables, graphs ..) (Chapter 4)

If there will not be an English version we will have to learn Italian! Thanks Paola for the hint!
Sitemap-Valore dati

And there are even more pages ISTAT dedicates to students. Per gli studenti – For Students gives an overview. Statistica per esempi – Statistics by examples is a very interesting (online-) brochure introducing statistical topics using everyday situations (“Il volume Statistica per esempi, che spiega l’uso della statistica, la raccolta delle informazioni e la rappresentazione dei dati attraverso esempi della vita quotidiana…”)

4 thoughts on “Il valore dei dati

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