Insights into Statistics for both Teachers and Students

Just a year ago I made a link to ALEA, the Portuguese project on statistical education. Now this project has grown, got an English version and an international prize! (See: ALEA – Press Release). Go to

What is ALEA? “ALEA (Local Action of Applied Statistics) is to be viewed as a project which aims at providing both teachers and students of secondary education with teaching materials for the study of Statistics. These materials include a web page containing several educational resources, “statistical” entertainment, and downloadable material. This project is a joint idea of Statistics Portugal and Tomaz Pelayo Secondary School, bringing together The Portuguese Ministry of Education, through its Northern Regional Education Department (DREN). The project operates mainly through web pages, with the publishing of various types of content, but ALEA also has a «distance learning» component, with regular e-learning courses.”


A great site. It’s worth to spend a lot of time exploring this fund of material.

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