Mapping: The Dashboard Approach

There are several types of interactive mapping focussing on a single map. With InstantAtlas there comes another type positioning maps, tables, graphs and other elements on the same screen. There are several possibilities to present such dashboards, using Flash or SVG.

.InstantAtlas TemplateInstantAtlas template

This dashboard devloped by the UK company GeoWise is used by some institutions in New Zealand , Australia , UK or Germany . See the linked examples.

One thought on “Mapping: The Dashboard Approach

  1. They offer a “Free Trial” 54 MB download; afterwards, the price tag is from 2,000 Euros onwards. For not-so-demanding applications, there is freeware around: The MDG Dashboard of Sustainability at
    And it’s only a 0.62 MB download. Sounds incredible, but a World map and the original UN Stats MDG database (8MB as Excel) are even included in the package, plus an option to export an indicator set as a JavaScript-based interactive site, see examples here:

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