Swivel categories

Swivel is very active in adding new features and data.

So Swivel has categorized the whole content and gives better access to the expanding data. Here are the new categories:

Swivel categories

Swivel categories_

One category is “Official Source”. Swivel is launching it’s Official Source Program to get more data from official sources. OECD, UNESCO and WHO have already joined. Data of other official sources are integrated. But it is not always clear if the official source has joined actively and has selected itself the data to be published. Swivel says: “Some organizations are directly uploading their data into Swivel while in other cases Swivel has gathered the data from their Web sites.” If so, the label “Official Source” has two meanings ….. !

Swivel Label Official Source

4 thoughts on “Swivel categories

  1. Thanks for your post. And you are spot on about the key difference as to whether the official source is actively managed by the provider (in the cases of WHO, UNECE, OECD, WorldBank, etc) or by Swivel (like EUROSTAT). We intend to add a clarification such as “managed by Swivel” or “Swivel presents” to make it more clear for our users. But ideas and suggestions welcome! The underlying goal here is to give user of the data a bit more faith that the data are good.

  2. OECD has loaded 120 indicators from our annual OECD Factbook. These are drawn from across our 80+ databases. Currently, it would impossible for us to load all our data on Swivel, we simply have too much! One of the OECD’s bodies, the OECD Development Centre has added some data on Gender as well. We’re very interested in seeing what happens when we expose our data on a site with Web 2.0 features and the feedback we’re getting is helping us to evolve our ideas on how best to disseminate data.

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