Social Web, Semantic Web and now GeoWeb. Some days ago I was attending a conference on Mapping Trends in Zurich organized by Mapping is a real eye catcher and behind mapping there are some really important business interests. No wonder this is one of the fastest growing parts of the Web.

Cedric Hüsler from made a short report on mapping trends and on the mapping conference Where 2.0. See his presentation and recommended links.

Geocommons is one example focusing on facts. It is for maps what Swivel or ManyEyes are till now for tables and diagrams. Statistics are mapped using Google Earth and the xml-based language KML (Keyhole Markup Language). Everybody can use KML and Google Earth in order to publish statistical informations on a map.

Swivel also goes into this direction offering a new feature called “Swivel Geography“.

And it is an easy way to KML as all data can be downloaded in this standard format and used later on in other geography applications like Google Earth.

Try it!

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