Semantic Web – the other way round

The answers to our quick inquiry about the usage of RDF and DC in the code of the website show little enthusiasm for this technology. Building the semantic Web in this direction seems to be a long and cumbersome way.

But with a little help of the Social Web some astonishing results can be seen. Social Tagging and machine made comparisons make available content on a new basis. Take this example from Microsoft Live Labs (Photosynth) where photographs in flickr are compared, brought together and presented with a new visual technology (Seadragon).


And here for all colleagues who have attended the IMAODBC in Bath: The Royal Crescent.

At TED conference 2007 the background of this approach has been presented. See the video! There is a very interesting point in it: Given the fast and detailed visualizing technology of seadragon all this is not limited to pictures of places etc., it can also be used for images of books, tables, maps … .

Or take this example who claims to create (with a comparable approach) ” a new kind of Web – a Web that benefits from the power of people and machines”: A new kind of database called “freebase” using “metaweb-technology”. Nothing can be seen till today, but The Economist has presented this in its last issue (“Sharing what matters. A computing maverick hopes to upgrade the web, transforming it from a document colection into a data commons”, The Economist June 9th-15th 2007, page 12 of the Technology Quarterly)

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