Swivel and Official Statistics

I recently made a test in Swivel. I put a very small part of the international data on the Swiss Statistics Website into a graphic in Swivel and made the source available with a link to the Swiss website. Uploading the data (on divorces in several countries) was very easy. The graphic looked very simple and clear. Link:http://www.swivel.com/graphs/show/8319443

And then I waited for what would happen: Comments, visits on the Swiss Statistics Website?

No the first thing was that the Swivel people put these data on the Swivel Homepage, in the Spotlight! And they put also a new titel …

Spotlight Swivel

Link: http://www.swivel.com/graphs/show/8320650

In a comment MikeC then asked for data on marriages in the chosen countries. I made an upload of these data too, and Marc – much more experienced in Swiveling than I – put them together with the divorces and was very pleased with these interesting informations.
Conclusion: Official Statistics have an immense potential to spread data to much more people. …. And there are big players thinking so, too -> see Alf’s post

6 thoughts on “Swivel and Official Statistics

  1. We are considering adding data to Swivel and one of the questions is under what identity to add it. At the moment it’s not a difficult question. There is isn’t much information associated with a Swiveler’s profile – just an id and their Swivel activity. I wonder in the future if the profile will be expanded to include email, webpage, etc. Are agengies going to take the opportunity to upload data in an official capacity, or remain anonymous?

  2. Those active in official statistics rarely shine in the light of (internet) fame. Well done ch-data!

    But Jessica Gardner raises important issues: origin, status, and, ultimately, trustworthiness of data. In that regard, by playing an active role and in an officious/official capacity, I should think that national and international agencies will de facto be setting quality standards.

  3. I recently showed Swivel at a seminar about finding statistics for 50 Swedish journalists and there was quite an interest. When dealing with statistical information for analytical purposes I use to point out the following five criteria (check list) to secure quality of statistics from a user´s point of view:

    1. Source of data – who, source of production or publishing? Official statistics or not?

    2. Intermediates – if so how many? If many intermediates there is probably a higher risk for different kind of faults and mistakes in terms of data and metadata.

    3. Metadata – is there information about methods, definitions, classicications etc. easily available (linked to figures, tables, producers or publishers)?

    4. Contact – is there a contact adress to a person, institution by mail or telephone for handling queries?

    5. Updating of tables – is there any indication the table/diagram will be updated over time? If so, probably better quality.

  4. Hi Alf, et al – I have just started at Swivel as the Chief Data Officer and have been thinking alot about the points you raise – and how we might address them in our product. We are constantly releasing new features (keep an eye on our new features blog for more information: http://blog.swivel.com/weblog/new_features/index.html) and have many more on deck. These range from community features to data and analysis. At the moment we are speccing out how to differentiate data direct from the source vs data an individual found and uploaded. I have also written up quite a bit on how we might address the issue of data updates over time. Anyway, I’d love to speak to you or anyone else interested in these issues! I can be reached at sara at swivel dot com. Happy Swivelling!

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