Surprise, surprise …

Bruno Giussani unveils in his blog “LunchoverIP” another activity of Hans Rosling showed at the end of his TED speech (it’s a pity it’s not on the video!):

“And then… surprise. Rosling is a serious demographer but he is also (another deadly serious activity) one of the few sword-swallowers active in Sweden, and he does it — he strips his clothes back revealing a circus disguise and shouts “bring me my sword!”; an assistant hands him a short (30 cm I would say) and heavy (2 kg) Swedish bayonette.
Which he swallows after asking for silence but without hesitation. A “TED moment”. Standing ovation.”


Will he do it tonight, too?

One thought on “Surprise, surprise …

  1. No show like that on our meeting – but still there were some surprises!

    Hans was attending together with his son Ola and his wife Anna and their two children – the youngest one still not ready for entry US. They were also telling nice stories how things started in my hometown Göteborg when Ola was studying economic history and Anna photography at the univiersity there late 90´s. Ola got permission from his tutor to think and create bubbles instead of writing a paper and the photos from Anna elaborated the animations without any computer software – all done by hand to feed the lecturing of Hans!

    Anyhow the members of the Swedish Statistical Asociation swallowed these stories as well as a very interesting invitation to partnership with Goggle/Gapminder from Hans, which we will certainly will discuss how to handle in the governing board. We are hoping nice things for official statistics will continue to bubble out from co-peration with the communities of statisticians ….

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