Communicating via Web 2.0 visualization

Swivel is a forum to publish data and also to visualize data. Everybody can give his information and his opinion about his favourite topic or – as Swivel says “Swivel is a place where curious people explore all kinds of data”.

Look at this example: Paper recycling

Many Eyes is a service offered by IBM that combines information visualization with social software, enabling collaborative visualization by groups of users. The service presents a set of interactive visualizations that provide insight into a variety of topics. In addition, visitors are able to upload new data sets and create their own visualizations.

Here is an example about Catholic Church membership and structure data by country.

Interactive graphs, discussion about findings … and what’s about quality of data? What can we learn in Official Statistics from these examples?

2 thoughts on “Communicating via Web 2.0 visualization

  1. That is really interesting. But I already see methodological problems on the horizon. Just as blogging has “democratized” news and journalism, to the point where (in the USA at least) truth has become a totally subjective concept, quite separated from facts and often strictly based on ideology (“I believe in my truth, not your truth”), I wonder if “stats for the people” will not lead us to equally subjective assemblage and interpretation of statistical data. For better of for worse. In the swivel example you point to (paper recycling) the lady suggests that paper recycling is worse than razing forests. Now THAT’S ideology for you!

  2. I have just created my first interactive ManyEyes map “Ease of doing business index in different countries” I posted the map as image in my blog Russian Sphinx
    ManyEyes is user friendly so you do not need to spend a lot of time to create good chart or map, but I am not sure if it is good solution for me. I need good charts and maps for my blog. Interactive maps looks perfect but I am not able to place them as interactive on my blog, so I just post normal image and add link to ManyEyes. Maybe it will be a bit annoying for my visitors and I will have to focus on static maps.
    I also use Tableau Public.

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