Yahoo! pipes

In July 2006 I wrote that third party websites will be able to introduce via RSS informations from NSI’s websites in their information offer. To do this they have to program their websites and must have access to a server.

Now you can create your own website in combining RSS feeds from whatever website offering this service. And you do not need to program your own website on your server. Yahoo introduced such a service this week. It offers an interactive way to put together RSS feeds and to publish them. Thanks to AJAX you get a programming interface as if you would be working on your own desktop computer.

I have tried it out. The result is a mashup of statistical web services : stats_pipe-01.

What did I do? I took the RSS news feeds from Statistics Switzerland in German and from Eurostat in English, combined it with search results for “statistics and population ” from Yahoo (not from Google, obviously 😉 ), sorted it by date and link and made sure that the output is limited to 50 results. 


And it works (perhaps not yet 100 percent). A new website according to your (and perhaps other’s) news needs is born.

It’s a little bit like playing the old and well known  “Crazy Machines” where you have to put together several elements to make the machine run.


2 thoughts on “Yahoo! pipes

  1. Very interesting! I will certainly try it.

    I have for some time tested a similar approach from Goggle, which gives great options to design your own statistical flows from different sources via RSS and XML. But it is personal and you need to login and not possible to publish as far as I know.

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