Seminar on Dynamic Graphics for Presenting Statistical Indicators. Rome 5 – 6 March 2007

OECD and ISTAT (Statistics Italy) are organizing a seminar on data visualization: ” In recent years focus has been on the use of indicators in discussions of international forums, such as the OECD World Forum. Several statistical and analytical organisations are increasingly seeing it as important to present statistical indicators on key societal phenomena to a number of different audiences. The seminar is about the art of making statistical indicators understandable and appealing to modern audiences. Leading-Edge products will be showcased. A review of technical solutions (XML plug-in, Java, SVG, Flash…) will be made and participants will have the opportunity to participate to discussions on how to select, develop and implement dynamic graphics (purpose, strategy, tailored tools or off-the-shelf…)”.

More to be found on OECD’s Statistics Portal.

In 2005 two seminars about the use of graphics in dissemination of statistics have taken place in Switzerland and Sweden:

Statistics Switzerland: Visualising and Presenting Indicator Systems International Conference 14 – 16 March 2005

Statistics Sweden: Visualisation of statistical data, 6 december 2005.

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