Statistical literacy (one) – Two things


They say it:
“What can they (the producer of statistics) do to increase the competence and ability to read statistics in society? There are two ways a producer of statistics can promote statistical literacy: 1) by educating people and 2) by making statistical results as easy to understand as possible.”
Jussi Melkas, Statistics Finland, The dimensions of statistical literacy: conceptual and practical evaluations

“Modern technology makes new challenges for statistical offices: there is a need to disseminate our statistics in various forms and communicate at many different levels with our users. It seems that in order to make statistics easier to understand and use, it is of primary importance to educate users on how to use statistics, and secondly, to make statistical services easy to access and understand.”
Mira Todorova, State Statistical Office of Macedonia, Republic of Macedonia, Developing statistical literacy in the case of Macedonia.

“Many statisticians find this frustrating and fret at the stupidity of people who deliberately or unwittingly draw wrong conclusions from their statistics. There are two reasonable courses of action: – Substantial programmes to make people ‘statistically literate’. – Or, present more easily understandable material to the public, and, as a result, reduce the opportunity for misunderstanding and misinterpretation.”
David Marder, Office for National Statistics, United Kingdom, Taking a horse to water – and giving it a bottle.

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So everybody agrees: We have to do at least two things:
1) write better, write stories and
2) qualify people to improve their understanding of statistics.

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