4 thoughts on “Discovery or descriptive metadata

  1. http://nemis.cti.gr/

    Statistics Sweden participated in EU research project NEMIS about text mining with a workgroup named “User aspects and relations to official statistics” , http://nemis.cti.gr/wg5.htm.

    Some of these experiences from that project have inspired me to design two search-engines, which seek only in International statistics and EU-25 statistics. See links above, have try and let me know what you think.

  2. Hi Alf

    Good to hear from you! I have made some tests with your search engines and compared them with results from yahoo and Google. The results I got were focussing on statistics (good!) but the sources seemed to be quite old.
    My questions:
    In which intervals does yahoo reindex the list of sources?
    Do you use this special search in scb’s website?
    Would you recommend to use it in other statistical websites?
    Is there a short description of the search syntax available? (.and. did work ..).

  3. Hi Armin,
    The advantage of Rollyo is that you know where you are searching and that you can include up to 25 sites when you design the search engine. I do not know about details in the index and syntax of Yahoo, how often it is updated or what kind of ranking. My experience is that Google is more complete and that its page ranking is outstanding. A pity you can only easily address all sites or a single site. We are using Google at our site and we have been looking into the possibilities to use Rolloyo for searching simultanously at our 25 responsible agencies for Sweden statistics. But no conclusions sofar … It would be interesting to do a more comprehensive evaluation of different alternatives. Perhaps a seminar with participation of different actors could be a starting point. No experiences on such issues at International Marketing and Output Database Conference 2006? I remember I raised the question in 2005 for the agenda of 2006.

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